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Frequently Asked Pre-Registration Questions


Q - What are Fiber Optics?

A - Simply put, Fiber Optics are hair-thin strands of glass that trap and transmit pulses of light. It is the best technology for delivering high performance/low latency Internet. Unlike older networks, Fiber Optics are not as distance sensitive. This enables high-speed Internet with no data caps, quality Telephone and High-Definition Television - all delivered via a single strand of glass to your home or business.

Q - How will a Fiber Optic connection benefit me?

A - A Fiber Optic connection will provide you with access to virtually unlimited Internet speed and capacity; enabling you to enjoy a better experience with data-intensive applications such as video streaming, online gaming, cloud storage, online education, and more. Fiber Optics also increase reliability and stability.

Q - What does Fiber to the Home (FTTH) mean?

A - Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) is an Internet delivery network that extends Fiber Optic cables directly into the home or business, completely bypassing the older, existing copper networks that may be serving you today.


Q - Why is there a pre-registration requirement?

A - Pre-registering now will ensure we have all necessary information to contact you and schedule a “drop” (Fiber Optic connection) to your home. If you don’t get a fiber drop to your home before the project is complete (and our crews leave town) there may be a significant delay and additional cost to connect to your home.

Q - Is there a cost to get a Fiber Optic drop to my home?

A – There is NO cost to receive a Fiber Optic drop to your home or business.

Q - What do you need from me to ensure I get a drop to my home?

A - Just complete the pre-registration process on this website (start by entering your address on the Home Page). We will then contact you to schedule a time to survey your property. Or, you can give us a call at 1-877-OmniTel or 1-877-666-4835

Q - Is there a pre-registration deadline?

A - The pre-registration phase will remain open until the majority of the network build is complete. You will always be able to sign up for service from OmniTel, but if you don't take advantage of the period when our construction crews are in town, there may be a significant delay and additional cost to connect to your home.


Q - What is the process of bringing Gigabit Capable Fiber Optics to the project area? Greene?

A - First, we will plow the Fiber Optic lines throughout the project area. Prior to, and during the plowing process we will collect pre-registrations. Based on the pre-registrations we've collected, we will connect the Fiber Network with drops to homes and businesses. Finally, we will install services to those locations that have signed up for service.

Q - Will the process of burying fiber disturb my yard or property?

A - We’ll do everything we can to make sure to minimize any disturbance to your property, and will promptly restore your property as close as possible to its original condition.

Q - If I sign up for services, will I be charged for installation?

A - All standard service installations are FREE to those person's signing up for service while our crews are still in town working on the initial build.

Q - What equipment will be installed on my home or business?

A - We’ll install a small Network Interface Device on the outside of your home or business, a fiber jack, and an optical network terminal (about the size of a large lunchbox). The Optical Network Terminal contains electronics that terminate the fiber-optic cable and converts the signals of light back into usable internet and telephone signals.


Q - What services will be available to homes and businesses?

A - Internet, digital phone and high definition residential television. Please visit www.omnitel.biz or call 1-877-OmniTel to discuss service options with one of our representatives.

Q - Do I have to subscribe to all OmniTel services, or can I pick and choose?

A - You may pick one, two or all three services. One service is not required to have another.

Q - What type of contracts are required?

A - OmniTel does not require a contract for our standard services. One of our goals is to ensure the quality of our services speak for themselves.

Q - If I sign up for Internet Services, do I have to use an assigned OmniTel email address?

A - No. We will assign an email addresses to our customers but they need not use it. You can continue to use one of the many free email services available (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

Q - If I switch my telephone service to OmniTel, can I keep my phone number?

A - Absolutely! We will handle the details of transferring your phone number. Once the number is moved, your current provider will automatically be notified so they will stop billing you for the service.